HKUST, which is ranked first in both World’s Top 400 Young Universities and EMBA Program in 2020, has been nurturing a lot of great start-ups and has driven a lot of technology transfers in the past. The catalysts for achieving these include international partnerships formed with global institutes and also, joint laboratories in Greater Bay Area of China (GBA) supported by Wechat, Didi, Huawei, Face++, DJI, WeBank, etc. Considering GBA is an important technology transfer zone in China; HKUST is also going to have a GZ campus in Qaingsheng, Nansha to facilitate the integration of teaching, learning, research and development.

Being supported by million-dollar funds and, including Frank Wang from DJI, Yunfei Zhang from Yunzhou, Lydia Leung from Belun, as the role models of HKUST powerhouse for innovation and entrepreneurship; there are 1,825 inventions disclosed and 1,488 patents filed.

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