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Congratulate Normsun & Co (“Normsun”) being enlisted as one of the service providers under the D-Biz Programme!

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the HK Government launches the Distance Business Programme (“D-Biz Programme”) which offers a qualified HK Company to apply for 100% funding support for up to 3 digital transformation projects (with a cap of HK$100,000 each).

Normsun is offering its STAR-CFO™ solutions including (a) Financial Management; (b) Human Resources Management; (c) Remote Document Management that can be covered through the D-Biz Cat6, Cat7 and Cat 8 D-Biz projects:

  • Category 6: Online / cloud-based financial management systems
  • Category 7: Online / cloud-based human resources management systems
  • Category 8: Remote document management, cloud storage, and remote access services

You may enjoy adopting the solutions for a budget within HKD300K and get a 100% project cost refund by the HK Government!

Riding on the D-Biz application’s success, you can turn the current marketing threats into opportunities! You may achieve your business success through the leapfrog of technology riding on adopting our STAR-CFO™ offers!

Don’t miss this golden opportunity! Please click the link now and our corporate advisory arm (ACH Worldwide Ltd) can help you learn more about these and support you for the application.