Presented by Dr. Amanda Lim and Dr. Kyle Wong, ACH Worldwide

ACH on behalf of AI InnoBio received the first SpectraLIT prototype (invented by Newsight Imaging) in Asia.

The SpectraLIT is Newsight’s evaluation kit for its “Spectrometer on Chip” NSP2020. The NSP2020 is small size chip, which detect light intensity in wavelength between 400 to 700nm and provides 1024 12bit digital vectors, representing the light intensity of each wavelength. The 1024 vectors allowing creation of high-resolution spectral signature of the tested substance. The SpectraLIT offers the following advantages:
⁃ Compact size
⁃ Mobile
⁃ High precision
⁃ Low cost

ACH believes that the SpectraLIT will be an excellent tool in:
⁃ Food Safety
⁃ Disease Prevention
⁃ Personal Hygiene
⁃ Product quality control

ACH will work with AI InnoBio to build more use SpectraLIT application cases in the Greater Bay Area. Priority will be given to the detection of bacterial and virus including the COVID-19.

NewSight, which is headed by veteran semi-conductor professionals, is headquartered in Ness Ziona, Israel. The company has offices in Jiashan Science Park, near Shanghai to support and develop its business in China.