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By Kyle Wong, Project Director, ACH Worldwide Limited

The COVID-19 crisis reminds us that human is vulnerable.  A tiny virus can bring the global economy to a standstill.  While the pandemic is slowing in many countries, we know that it is a matter of time humans will be hit by another pandemic.  We must be prepared.

One way to reduce the damage brought by the pandemic is to accelerate the deployment of robots in various industries.  With the advance of sensors, artificial intelligence and precision engineering, robots are taking over more and more jobs from humans.  One such job is window cleaning.  Over the last hundred years, the technology of window cleaning has barely changed.  It requires human workers and put the lives of the workers in danger.

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Fortunately, an Israeli startup, Skyline Robotics, created Ozmo, the first intelligent window cleaning robot.  Ozmo not only saves lives but also time.  It can be 6 times faster than human workers.  Combining Artificial Intelligence and state of the art robotics and sensors, Ozmo™ was designed to clean a building without changing or adding any infrastructure. Ozmo™ learns the building’s façade, detects the nuances of complex architecture in order to create the most effective cleaning path.

Ozmo is also friendly to the environment.   Ozmo cleans windows without using any chemicals and detergents through its reverse-osmosis technology. This specialized system creates highly purified water, free from contaminants and minerals, and dissolves dust, oils, and stains, leaving windows spotless.

China is well known for its many skyscrapers.  We believe the robotic technology from Skyline Robotics will be most welcome in this region.  The robots are not only safer and faster but can make the building cleaner.