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Article by: Dr. Kyle Wong – Project Director of ACH Worldwide Ltd.


Logistics is a huge business. It is even bigger as e-commerce grows all over the world. However, it is also very labour intensive. According to the CEO of Geek+, Mr. Yong Zheng, logistic industry hires 140 million globally. It means that the labour cost is huge. The labour problem is compounded by the fact young people hesistate to enter the business because of the perceived tough working environment. Second challenge is that tradional automation method requires heavy capex which takes 7-10 yr. payback period. Lastly, there can be huge seasonal order flutuation. For example, during the 11.11 Festival in China, order can spike up 30%. So the robots must be highly adaptable.

Geek+ is formed to meet these challenges. It is the largest and most commercially proven independent logistic robotics player in the world. It is at the right place and at the right time. The global logistic and industrial robot market is expected to grow from 6 billion USD in 2018 to 35 billion USD in 2022, with a CAGR of 55%. In the same period the logistic and industrial automation total solution is expected to grow 3 times while intelligent supply chain is expected to grow 10 times.

Geek+ produces a wide range of logistic robots with indoor self-driving capabilities. They are already deployed in many different industries including the China Post Office, retail stores, garment manufracturer. The key is to their success is to combine AI and robotics to provide tail-made solutions to different companies. So Geel+ is not only selling robots, but total supply chain solutions combining AI, robots and big data. The solutions are not only cost-efficient but highly adaptable

As their customers utilizes more and more robots, Geek+ is building bigher and bigger robot network all over the world. They have currently deployed 7,000 robots globally and is currently engaged in more than 200 projects in multiple industries. As supply chains become automated, Geek+ has a bright future.